How to Handle Yourself After Reading President Trump’s Tweets

After putting down a four year-old for her nap, I sat on the couch in the living room ready for a social media update and some “me” time.

I opened twitter to see Donald Trump accusing migrants of raising crime rates in Germany and “others countries” (seriously, can someone give the President of the United States a small lesson in grammar?). Normally, I would either a) send the tweet to my mother with a “do you see this?” caption or b) sigh and keep scrolling.

But today was different. I saw this tweet and wanted to scream. Not only scream, I wanted to cry. I wanted to throw my phone on the ground and whine. I was less than a step away from an old-fashioned temper tantrum like the one I had just witnessed from a small child.

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 2.59.19 PM
Tweet by President Trump. Argh!

I had seen the negative impacts of the administration’s policies first-hand, but come to the point where I felt that my energy spent protesting and criticizing was only energy wasted.

Don’t lose hope.

If you’re in a situation like mine, and a tweet by the Commander-in-Chief has you on the verge of a meltdown, follow any (or all) of these suggestions to ensure you don’t completely lose your sanity.

Relax. (Without your phone)

Draw a bath, take a walk outside, turn on some smooth jazz, go on a run. Do whatever you do best to unwind. Turn off the television, leave your phone on a dresser, and take a moment to pretend that Trump does not exist.

Sign up to volunteer!

One of the best ways I can cope with Trump is by knowing that even if the White House won’t do much to help others, I can. Pick an organization or cause (bonus points if Trump has slashed their funding!) and offer to lend a hand.

Some of my favorites: a refugee resettlement agency, a Habitat for Humanity build, a local food pantry, or a national/state park.

Want to find out more about where to volunteer near you? Check out this site to pick an organization that fits your interests:

Follow Pete Souza on Instagram or Facebook.

Pete Souza, the Chief Official White House Photographer during Former President Obama’s administration, has eight years of photos that have many of us reminiscing on better times.

The best part? He usually posts photos at their most fitting moment, e.g. a happy photo of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with Obama and the caption “Bros.” only a few hours after Trump referred to Trudeau as “very dishonest and weak.”

(Pete Souza’s bestselling book Obama: An Intimate Portrait is available in bookstores or on Amazon)

If things are really bad… delete your twitter app.

You do not have to delete your account, but if you are constantly checking the app, getting worked up, and cannot seem to focus on anything else – it might be time. I have found that I am much more productive without the twitter application on my smart phone.

If you use your twitter for news… well, for one, you are not alone. I combated this issue by downloading both CNN and BBC News and set them on notifications. Bonus: now when I read articles I do not have to read the offensive replies from @Confederategunlover56 and @trumptrain4ever!

Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 7.10.17 PM.png
Example of a typical reply to a CNN news article.


About a year and a half past Trump’s inauguration, I know it can be much easier to feel frustrated instead of motivated. Remember that you alone cannot right all of his wrongs and that it is okay to take a break from all of that #resisting. I have found volunteering to be the best way to avoid feeling helpless and spending less time on my phone a good system to stay focused.

Do you have another method to handle the stress of a Tweeter-in-Chief? Leave a comment below!

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